Participant Reviews

If you’ve participated in Aprender y Beber please share your experiences. If you haven’t tried it yet, please check out what people are saying about it to see if it matches your español needs.

3 thoughts on “Participant Reviews

  1. This has been such a great way to maintain my Spanish proficiency. I always look forward to Aprender y Beber meetings. Ariel corrects us, is encouraging, includes everyone in the conversation, and is always positive. Plus, there is always at least one native Spanish speaker there so we know we’re getting the “real deal.” I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to practice Spanish. I have never had so much fun learning another language!

  2. This has been such a great experience! I learned Spanish a few years ago in college, but really wanted to refresh my skills and redevelop what I had lost. Ariel and her helpers are great-supportive, nonjudgmental, providing feedback and always keeping the conversation going! I’d recommend this group to a friend!

  3. Aprender y beber has been a fun and easy way to practice my Spanish. Every week I am able to get together with others who want to practice conversational Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere. I would definitely recommend aprender y beber for anyone who is interested in working on their conversational Spanish skills!

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